Musical Palette


Composing theoretically correct melodies has never been easier


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Musical Palette is software designed to help any user create melodies by using a built-in base of musical theory and models to construct songs that follow composition theory and harmony theory.

The program does all the work, while you just have to take care of the theory behind it by choosing which options to enable from those offered by Musical Palette. This tool will represent your melodies with a simple and effective algorithm that will then be applied to your compositions.

Musical Palette includes many methods of development, such as variation, inversion, repetition, and sequence. The program proposes a "theoretically correct" algorithm to create the melody, and the user's originality or idea is developed with each suggestion. In each step this tool will only propose those solutions that are adequate for the song's current progression.

The application comes equipped with demo-scripts, demonstrations that will teach you how to use the program and the form in which the melodies are composed. Once your song is finished, Musical Palette can export it as a MIDI file made up of three tracks: melody, harmony, and bass.

- Includes demonstration lessons.

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